Technical Support Forms

Provides quick access for finding technical help

  Technical Checklist

A checklist of available technical supports

  SGD Information

Document for recording AAC system information

  Contacting Tech Support

Instructions for contacting tech support

  Tech Support Log

Document of device problems and device history

  Device Application-Software Management

Device Application-Software Management description goes here...

AAC Team Building Forms

Provides guides for collaborative team building and communication

  Team Contact List

Document for team member contact information

  Team Contact List Adult

Document for team member contact information

  Team Roles and Responsibilities

List of team members' roles and responsibilities

  Roles and Responsibilities Adult

List of team members' roles and responsibilities

  Action Plan

Document for team meeting to-do's and outcomes

  AAC Communication Log

Journal for documenting team communication

Service Delivery Surveys

Provides the AAC Specialist with information regarding areas of need for consultation/training in a surgery format

  Team Survey

Survey for team member feedback

  User Survey

Survey for AAC user feedback

  Survey Follow Up

Follow-up form for informing and planning AAC service delivery based on survey feedback

File Sharing

Provides instructions for setting up and using file sharing for documents, user areas, multimedia, graphics, etc.


Instructions for utilizing DropBox

  Create a Google Group

Instructions for utilizing Google Groups


Information about what you can do with TransferBigFiles

AAC User Abilities

Provides documentation of the AAC user’s profile and targeted competencies and goals

  AAC Competencies

Definitions of 5 skill areas for guiding AAC intervention

  AAC Ability Levels

Description of the AAC user's skills and competencies

  Sample Treatment Goals

Matrix of sample goals based on AAC user profile and AAC Competencies

AAC Teaching Tools

Provides forms and descriptions for communication using AAC

Visual Supports

Tools for visual representation of targeted vocabulary

  Adapting Books

Adapting Books description goes here...

  Smart Charts

visual support that shows buttons sequence(s) for navigating to a specific word/phrase/sentence

  Word Walls

Collection of new or targeted words/symbols that are displayed within the environment for the user/partner to refer to

  Visual Schedules

Set of pictures/words that communicate a series of activities or steps of a specific activity

  Environmental Mini-Scripts

Visual supports posted in the environment to encourage communicative participation

AAC Teaching Methods

Provides instructional strategies for AAC implementation

  Teaching Methods Recommendations

A checklist of recommended teaching methods

  The Descriptive Teaching Model

Description of utilizing open ended question and teaching concepts with device specific vocabulary

  Aided Language Stimulation

Description of utilizing modeling strategies for teaching device use

  Role Play and Scripting

Description of targeting vocabulary and communicative interaction around a specific scenarios

Vocabulary Manipulations

Provides strategies for teaching a small set of vocabulary within a context of a larger vocabulary system

  Hiding Buttons

Instructions for reducing the number of visual buttons on a page

  Highlighting Buttons

Instructions for embellishing specific buttons on a page

Data Collection

Provides forms for collecting data

  Goal Based Data Sheet

Document for data collection based upon goals

  Prompt Based Data Sheet

Document for data collection based upon prompting levels

Partner Teaching Strategies

Provides descriptions of techniques partners can use to support communicative successes

  Engineering the Environment

Engineering the Environment description goes here...

  Partner Teaching Strategies

Form describing techniques partners can use to support communicative successes

  Prompting Hierarchy

Description of strategies to assist skill development

  Strategy Recommendations

A checklist of recommended partner strategies

Transition Resources

Resources to assist throughout the transition process for teens and adults

  Transition Resources

Form describing various tools, books and curriculum targeting transition planning and implementation

  Communicator Preferences

Personalized description of strategies to make communication easier with partners

  Adult Competencies

Checklist of skills that supports learning and living for adolescents as they transition into and through adulthood


A complete list of our references


A complete list of our references